Accepting a position

Today I woke up and had a strange feeling. My mom left earlier to church, while I was getting I had the feeling that something was going to happen but I didn’t know whether it was good or bad. So as I walk to church I keep wondering why am I feeling strange, I’m usually very exited to go to church and praise God. So the day went on, I heard the sermon which was pretty good, spoke to a few friends but the feeling was still there. When I went home to eat and came back, then one of the members from church pulled me aside and told me I was being chosen to be the youth director. So then it hit me, that was the strange feeling I had all day. I personally was hoping to be encharched of something but never in a million years would the thought of being a youth director cross my mind. So she gave me like an hour to think about it, an hour! So I was kind of freaking out at the moment, one of my friends approached me and ask what was wrong, so I told her, to my surprise she knew already, she said ” I knew it was going to be you”! I was like what, you knew?! She said she’d been praying the whole week for it to be me. Like I said before, I never thought of something like that happening to me, so she said “the Lord wants you to be the youth director next year, many people have prayed and spoken about it, and they’re all thought of you”. So I told her I wasn’t even qualified for something like that. She said that if God spoke to these people through prayer to be me, than it was ment to be. After listening to my friend telling me that this was God’s plan for me, then I should listen to Him. So after thinking about for a while I accepted, I’m not sure what God has planned for me but I know He’d never give me something I couldn’t handle. If God is calling you to do something for Him, do it don’t think you’re not qualified, because let’s be honest no-one is ever qualified to do His works. You may not think you’re good enough like I do but if I put all my faith and trust in Him you should too, He’ll never let you down and He will always help you through your journey like He’s going to help me.


Friday Nights.

So I’m home right now, listening to a Seventh Day Adventist radio station in Español. I shouldn’t be though, I should be at church listening to the word of God. Do you ever feel like not going to church (if you do go)? Like your week has been so bad that you just wanna hide from people? Well that’s what I did today. The reason why, is because I’ve had a bad week and knowing my church buddies they’ll ask questions I want to avoid.  So I’d rather listen to Radio Amanecer (that’s the radio station’s name) at home were I have control over my thoughts. This is my second post, i don’t know how this works but ummm,  I like to write and express myself so I’ll be posting once in a while  (mostly spiritual stuff). Have a goodnight and God bless.