Dramatic Event

How does a dramatic event change the way we view things and change our attitude towards different things? Sometime when we go through a dramatic situation our emotions can get the best us, even for a long period of time. Then there comes the confusion,the blaming everyone and everything around us. Why is that, maybe is because we try to understand why did it happen, why me and not someone else? Can we ever let go of the past to really move forward or we hold on to it because we think it’ll help us. SometimesĀ  I think that we’re afraid of how we would see the world if we had to let go of the past. Letting go is the best way to move on but it doesn’t meant that you can forget what happened, it means to be able to move on without the situation affecting your future. Don’t ever let something get on the way of fulfilling your dreams. Be brave and embrace life, live it andĀ love it. Appreciate your family and friends, hold on to what you have now and not what you lost then.